Finding Your Mountain

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

September 10, 2019 Luke 6:12-19 Finding Your Mountain

After an unsettling dream last night, I went to the living room to pray. I have come to believe that God likes to talk to me at night because it is the only time I am still and quiet enough to finally listen. Well, God got my attention and I was desperately praying for guidance.

Have you ever found that God is like a master chef? When you want to work on one thing, God goes over to the pot and says, "It's not ready yet but this over here needs some work right now". While I have my list of priorities and concerns, God will often rearranges them according to a plan that is not comprehensible until after the entire meal comes together. When you go to the mountain at night to pray, you never know where you will end up in the morning.

This morning, when I came to work and went to the labyrinth to pray about my discussion with God last night, I found that the door was locked. It was like finding out that someone put a locked gate at the beginning of the trail up the mountain. I had a key but I still wondered why until I remembered that the Cub Scouts meet in the building last night. Did they lock the door to keep the room from being played in? Should a place of prayer in a church ever be locked? What would Jesus say if the disciples told him that they kept the children off the mountain because they knew is was a sacred place?

I am pretty sure that Jesus would have said to let the children come. He would have also, I believe, shared with them why the place was special. Not because of the views or the decoration but because of who Jesus spent time with on the mountain. I think it would have been nice as a child if an adult shared with me a place where I could go to talk with God. A place where I could be reverent without being accused of not participating or being anti-social. Where is your prayer mountain and when was the last time you shared why it is so special with someone who may be looking for a mountain of their own?

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