Is Jesus the Master of your life?

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

September 5, 2019 Luke 5:1-11 It seems that there is a specialist for everything. You don't just go to a doctor but you may see an immunologist or a neurologist. In today's reading, people are beginning to recognize that Jesus is a master teacher of religion, a specialist. So many people want to hear about God that he needs to go out on a boat to address everyone. After the teaching, he turns to Peter and tells this fisherman where to fish. Who was this person who did not grow up near water telling a fisherman where to fish? Peter soon finds out that Jesus is not just knowledgeable about God but also about fishing. Jesus is more than just a religious specialist, Jesus is a Master of life. The disciples will soon learn the he is a master not only of creation but ultimately of death.

When was the first time I, like Peter, realized that Jesus was the Master of life? Long before I began preaching or even heard about seminary, I encounter Jesus some place I never expected - at work. Faced with what seemed like a no win scenario, I gave up and prayed in my little cubicle for help. I not only experienced a peace that I was not expecting but a new way of viewing the problem. Jesus knew more about business and computers than I did for he told me where I should be fishing. The more stressed my job became, the more I began to rely on commuting with Jesus to work (especially in Dallas traffic). Sometimes I would just turn off the radio and just talk to Jesus about the problems I was facing. It was experiencing Jesus as the Master of life that made we want to share my Master with others.

It is funny, however, how becoming "religious" causes people to forget who the real Master is. The more that we study the bible and listen to "Christian" music, the more we feel like religious specialists. We begin to look at others who didn't show up at church as somehow lacking and are surprised to hear them at the store talking to a friend about Jesus. What do they know of Jesus? We forget that Jesus is the Master of all life and not just "religious" life. Jesus is just as present in the church or on teaching outdoors or in the boat with the fishermen. Jesus not only helps us to pray in church and at hospitals but also with teenage children and irate customers. Maybe it is time I let Jesus out of the box and spend time with him in my life.

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