View from a Labyrinth

September 4, 2019

I was first introduced to a labyrinth at Pastor's Retreat in Corpus Christi. I looked at the circular path that lead to a space to stand in the center and thought, "What a waste of time". Once you get to the center, you just turn around and walk back out. You get nowhere! You end up exactly where you started. It wasn't even a maze that presented a challenge or a race that made you feel like you accomplished something. It was simply a circular path that everyone was doing and I was expected to participate.

As I walked the path with nothing to do but follow and think, time appeared to slow down. After the initial boredom, a peace began to settle down as I slowed down. By the time I got to the middle, I was more aware of not only my surroundings but of God's presence in that place. The peace, however, was soon replaced by something else. God found that I was finally listening and so God began to speak. All those things which I needed to be doing and all those things I knew I shouldn't be doing rose to the surface. The trip out of the Labyrinth was a time of untangling the knots of my life that God had put on my heart. I may have ended up where I started but I was not the same person who went in as I was when I came out. Since that time, I have shared the labyrinth with others and made temporary labyrinths. Going in circles to get to the center of the labyrinth reminds me of hiking along switchback trails in the mountains. You seem to be going in the wrong direction at times but it always ends up leading to the top. When I get to the center, I find Jesus already praying on the mountain in that quiet place.

I have recently added something that has helped me center my thoughts as I walk the labyrinth. "" produces a twenty minute audio meditation out of England in the Jesuit style of biblical reflection. The music, scripture, and quiet periods of meditation for me makes the labyrinth a daily a means of God's grace. I often receive inspiration and insights which I may or may not have an opportunity to share. Today's insight was to share these experiences with others through a blog. Who am I to say no when God speaks through prayer? I hope that you will join me as I share my "View from a Labyrinth".

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