Thoughts on the Road

After church, my oldest daughter and I were driving to deliver flowers to someone at a nursing home. In the midst of our random discussions, she mentioned that older adults like her mother and me often get # wrong. As she told me her views, I thought about an article I read about someone who was falsely accused by a tweet which was given the label of a "drive by tweet". I also thought of another news feed about a man who dressed as Batman to escort scared pre-K girl to school who had been a victim of bullying. I thought of the picture of this large man in a Batman costume walking this little girl to school and I thought what a great example of "drive by grace".

As we talked about the use of hashtags, I suggested wouldn't it be great to have a #drivebygrace ? People could post pictures that see in their every day life that where moments of compassion and grace like the man walking the girl to school. In a world of pain and useless suffering, I think we could all do with a little more "drive by grace".

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