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Acts 10:34-43  
    The Resurrection is at the center of every sermon preached in the Book of Acts.  This is the last of five speeches given by Peter in which he proclaims that God raised Jesus.  Unlike the one given after Pentecost, this sermon is directed to a non-Jewish audience.  After Peter receives his lesson from God about the nature of "uncleanliness" on a rooftop, he is called to go to Caesarea to baptize Cornelius.   Cornelius tells Peter of his vision from God and Peter responds by proclaiming the story of Jesus from his baptism to his resurrection.  It is by the Holy Spirit that Jesus is anointed and empowered to do good and heal "all who were oppressed by the devil".  This power did not end with Jesus' death but continues through the resurrection.  Peter talks of Jesus preaching against the oppression of "the devil" and not the occupying force of Rome.  It is the "Jews" and those "in Jerusalem" that killed Jesus by "hanging on a tree" and not the Roman authorities who crucified Jesus.  While the Jewish tradition focuses on the priesthood of Jesus, Peter focuses on Jesus as the "Judge of the living and the dead".  The focus of the message moves from Jesus as the predicted Jewish Messiah to Jesus as God chosen to save the world.  Faith and not tradition now becomes the standard for salvation and faith shows no partiality.  The message of the resurrection becomes a message of universal hope.