Esther 2-8
   After seventy years of captivity in Babylon, the first of the exiles began to return to Jerusalem around 536 B.C.  More would return with Ezra in 457 and Nehemiah in 444.  Esther occurs in Babylon between the first and second wave of returning exiles around 478-473 after Persia conquered Babylon.  The majority of books in the Old Testaments focus on the time before the Exile.  Esther is one of two, the other being Daniel, that give a glimpse of the period in Exile.  Ezra and Nehemiah provide the only Old Testament accounts of the return to Jerusalem.  Due to its unique place in the cannon, Esther speaks to the Jewish community that lives outside of Israel.  Synagogues read the book of Esther during the Festival of Lots (Purim) in the early spring to remember how God saved the Jewish people from annihilation.  The story becomes especially poignant in light of the Holocaust.  The question is not if God will save but if you will take part in God's saving plan.

Esther 4:14  "keep silence at such a time as this"
   Would you be tempted to keep silent?
   Are you willing to speak up for those who have no voice?
   Does social media help people stand for what they believe or put on more pressure to keep silent?
   Is it easier to follow those who make noise or keep silent instead of asking God what is right?
   Do you have a Mordecai who challenges you to do the right thing?


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