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Jeremiah 23:1-6
    After a lengthy judgment of the sons of Josiah, Jeremiah proclaims that the time of kings is over.  The kings who were meant to be shepherds had almost destroyed God's flock.  When the remnant is restored after the exile, God will establish a new "good" shepherd to oversee the flock.  This is the promise of the "Branch of David" so often referred to during Advent.  This promise actual occurs in both Jeremiah 23:5-6 and 33:14-16.  While 23:5-6 is very similar to 33:14-16, the context is different.  The section in chapter 33 takes place in the context of a "new covenant" and after Jeremiah has purchased land as a sign of restoration.  It is most likely that in the final addition of Jeremiah, the promise in 23:5-6 was added.  The reason for this speculation is that the section of the promise in 33 is not in the Septuagint which was the Greek version of the Old Testament commonly used during the time of the Gospels and often quoted directly in the New Testament. Another interesting note is that since 33 refers to Jerusalem which is feminine, the translation reads "it/she will be called: The Lord is our righteousness" rather than "he will be called".  Chapter 33 may reference the second coming with the "new Jerusalem" referenced in Revelation.