Mark 8:31-38
   Jesus once again heads to the northern most point of Israel to Ceasarea Philippi near the border with Tyre and on a major trade route between Tyre and Damascus.  In this remote location, Jesus asks the disciples who he is and Peter makes his profession.  From Peter's mouth comes a blessing but then Peter rebukes Jesus' talk of death and out comes curses.  Peter's proclamation came from God's wisdom but Peter's rebuke came from his human fear of death.  Jesus responds by putting death in context, what do you gain by following human wisdom if you loss your soul for an eternity?  The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and not the fear of death.  The fear of God in this context is the realization that only God can lead us on the path that leads to life even if it is through the cross.

Mark 8:35  "those who want to save their life will lose it"
   What does it mean to you to "lose your life"?
   Does is simply mean death?
   Could the lose of life mean the lose of a lifestyle or beloved tradition?
   Could lose of life mean giving up safety and community?
   If Jesus asked you to give up your citizenship, could you?


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