Columbus FUMC is a vital member of the City of Columbus


1229 Milam St

Columbus, TX


Phone:   979-732-2643  

Fax:        979-732-2649



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John 6:25-35
    In the story of the feeding of the five thousand, the people were following Jesus because of the signs and miracles.  When Jesus tested the disciples about "feeding" the people, the disciples immediately thought of the physical rather than the spiritual and found two fish and five loaves.  This act, shifted the focus away from signs and miracles and back to base needs.  Jesus criticizes the people for following him based on the stomach rather than their souls and redirects the conversation back to a spiritual nature.  The people, however, fail to see the feeding as a sign or miracle and thus fail to see Jesus as the One through whom they received this miracle.  The people demand a more obvious sign like the miraculous appearance of manna from heaven before their very eyes.  Astonished, Jesus points out that they already have this appearance for he is the bread of heaven. This shift from expecting God in the extraordinary, like bread raining from the sky, to seeing God in the ordinary, a man named Jesus, is too much for them.