John 6:1-15                Gather the lost fragments
   Unlike the other Gospels, John does not have a "Last Supper".  There is the washing of the feet followed by a very lengthy sermon.  It is in this section of John, that the meaning of the bread is explained.  Like the "Last Supper", it also takes place on a Passover except this Passover was in Galilee.  Jesus will take the bread, give thanks, and give it to the people.  The leftover bread was enough to fill twelve baskets which is symbolic of the twelve tribes of Israel.  The symbolism was not lost on the crowd who wanted to make Jesus a king.  The story foreshadows a conversation Jesus will have with Pilate on a very different Passover. 


John 6:12 "Gather up the fragments left over, so that nothing may be lost."
   How does John differ from Luke 9:10-17, Mark 6:35-44, and Matthew 14:15-31?
   Why is John near Passover and how is that symbolically related to the Last Supper?
   If it is related, than what is significant about saying "nothing may be lost"?
   Where you at one time lost, scattered?
   When did you ever feel gathered, "re-membered", at Communion?
   Who are the ones asked to gather and what does that say about following Jesus?