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Commentary on Luke 8:26-39
   After teaching in parables, the family of Jesus wanted to speak with him.  It has been suggest that they noticed the unrest Jesus was causing among the authorities and wished to persuade him to modify his teaching.  Instead Jesus claims that his "real" family are those who hear the word of God and leaves the Galilee region across the sea of Galilee to the land controlled by Gentile authorities.  This is the significance of the pigs in the story today.  The "tombs" served as homes for those who were diseased (lepers) or those who were mentally ill with demons.  Like other stories in Mark and Matthew, it is not the man but the demons who recognize the true nature of Jesus.  The command to say their name shows Jesus' authority over even the demons.  Legion refers not only to the number of demons but also represents a great destructive force among the Roman colonies.  The fact that Jesus commands "Legion" speaks both to his spiritual as well as earthly power.  It is that power and the fact that Jesus killed a primary source of income (herd of pigs) for the community that caused the people from the city to fear Jesus.  Finally, the "saved" man becomes one of the first apostles (sent ones) to the Gentiles.

Luke 8:39 "Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you."
   Why didn't the man become a disciple?  Aren't we all suppose to become disciples?
   What seems more important, learning from Jesus or proclaiming God's wonders?
   Is there a difference between head knowledge and life knowledge?
   Can you receive a degree and still be ignorant?
   What is more important – learning that God saves or experiencing the saving power of God?

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