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Matthew 27:62-28:15    
    The lectionary reading for this Easter is 28:1-10 but it is expanded because of the unique role the guards play in events as Matthew records them.  It is apparent from 28:15 that a number of people in the communities Matthew was writing for believed that the disciples had rolled away the stone.  Matthew, therefore, goes into detail concerning who was responsible for both sealing the tomb and rolling back the stone.  With the permission of Pilate, the chief priests and the Pharisees had their own guards seal and guard the tomb.  Note that in Matthew, Pilate had washed his hands of the entire matter.  If it had been Roman guards, the Jewish leaders would not have been able to pay them off (12-13).  Matthew's statement that the guards told the leaders also indicates that the leaders knew the truth and had deliberately chosen to spread a lie instead.  If the guards did not role the stone away, then who?  Matthew records that an angel of the Lord moved the stone not for Jesus' resurrection but so the women could witness the empty tomb.  Note that angel says that Jesus has already been raised and not stolen from the tomb.  Jesus meets them not at the tomb but on the way back to the disciples.  Matthew makes sure that his community knows that the tomb was sealed when Jesus was raised for nothing is impossible with God.