1 Thessalonians 2:1–10
    Paul recalls their imprisonment in Philippi because he cast an unclean spirit out of a slave girl who earned money for her captives by being a fortuneteller (Acts 16:16-39) and their successful teaching in Thessalonica (Acts 17:1-5) before they were driven out by an angry mob.  Paul then contrasts those who use the word of God for deceit, impure motives, trickery, public approval, greed, and greed with Paul's approach.  Rather than taking, Paul gives even his life as an example of God's loving care.  This means of proclamation is in a manner pleasing to God, just, and blameless.

    1 Thessalonians 2:10 "how devout, upright, and blameless our conduct"
        Do you live in a way that attracts people to God?
        What does it mean to be devout or living in a manner worthy of God?
        Do we live a just and upright life?  What is just in the sight of God?
        Job was described as just and blameless.  Did that mean he had no problems?


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