Romans 8:1–11  

    By placing our souls in Christ, the grace of God flows through our souls to direct the intention of our minds and the actions of our bodies.  Therefore, if we are "in Christ" then there is condemnations because our actions, intentions, and will are all aligned in Christ.  This is all made possible by the gift of the Spirit.  Paul interprets the "spirit" mentioned by the prophets (Isaiah, Ezekiel, Joel) as the Holy Spirit which was given through Jesus Christ at Pentecost to believers.  As described in Ezekiel, flesh and bone are still dead without the Spirit.  For Paul, the Law is given to bridle the flesh and not the Spirit.  It is the flesh that is mortal and not the Spirit.  Therefore, the flesh and the Law focus on the temporal things of this world which will all end in death.  The Spirit focuses on the eternal things of God.  By focusing on this world, we turn our back on God and therefore "the flesh is hostile to God".  If we focus on God, then God will give us the Spirit to guide us in all righteous actions in this world.  It is by and through the Spirit that the Law is fully fulfilled and we live in Christ.  It is the Spirit that gives life to the flesh and not the flesh that gives life to the spirit. 


    Romans 8:9 Paul says that "you are in the Spirit"
        At one time, the Holy Spirit played a prominent role in the Methodist tradition.  

        What were you taught about the role of the Holy Spirit?
        Is the Spirit simply a gift given at Pentecost or an active agent of grace in your life?
        What role does the Spirit play in your prayer and worship life?


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