Columbus FUMC is a vital member of the City of Columbus


1229 Milam St

Columbus, TX


Phone:   979-732-2643  

Fax:        979-732-2649



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1 Corinthians 1:1-9
    In the classic Greek letter writing style, Paul begins by announcing the sender or senders, the recipient, and a welcome in the first three verses.  Along with Paul, Sosthenes is also mentioned in Acts 18:17 had been an official in the synagogue before joining Paul.  While Paul says the the letter is from both himself and Sosthenes, he makes sure the recipient know that he is the apostle called by God.  The recipient is identified as the followers of Jesus Christ in the Corinth.  The welcome of "Grace to you" is combined with the traditional Jewish greeting of "peace".  The next section of thanksgiving introduces the major themes to be addressed in the letter.  Paul begins by giving thanks for the "grace of God" that has been given to the church.  The theme of grace is then tied to spiritual gifts not only for enrichment but also to strengthen the Congregation.  Grace and the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit will be a major focus in this letter.